About Us

Our Mission
Since its founding in 2007, The City Ranch has been dedicated to giving urban children lifelong memories on the backs of horses and providing accessible and affordable horseback riding to the greater Baltimore community and surrounding counties.

Our Purpose
To develop positive character in children through horsemanship and to bring the joy of horseback riding to the urban environment.

Baltimore has a long and rich history with horses, but currently its only connection to that history is through the Pimlico Racetrack and thoroughbred horse racing. As a city, Baltimore has struggled with a history of violence. City Ranch's mission is to help redirect urban youth away from said violence by offering opportunities to help foster personal growth through working with animals.

While most programs around the country take the children out of the city, City Ranch has reversed this model and brings the horses to the children instead. Rather than remove children from their environment, City Ranch helps to create safe opportunities WITHIN local neighborhoods.

City Ranch's programs extend beyond those only for children; offering options for families through the membership plan for adults. With a membership, adults can also learn how to ride, making the experience a family affair.